24 November 2007

Averment Pro Se

Most of you wonder what this means...This is a Notary-certified declaration(Averment Pro Se) stated by a History student named Vasiliye Gligorov national of F.Y.R.o.M.

Part of the text translated in English by Vasiliye:

XIX) By stating the facts in previous chapter, to the uttermost of my knowledge, the truth, nothing more, nothing less, without guilty mind or in dissimulation.

1. I, Vasil Gligorov, as an act of free will, individual one and unadulterated, acting in competency of a history student on University, which is not otherwise affiliated with me or my statement in entirety, do affirm these truths, remaining ready to prove them in case of any challenge, being assured in them as a result of a critical, open-minded study of the matters exposed, that:

2. Macedonians were and are Hellenes, from their genesis in antiquity to the present day. ”Macedonian” in this single, undivided and non-shared sense is a Hellenic individual directly affiliated with the region of Macedonia in its historic borders, which are more restrictive from the fairly new concept of “Geographic Macedonia”, the later being enormously stretched to the north of the true Macedonia. The evidence derived from history, linguistics, interpretation of archaeological artifacts and other relevant sciences point to this conclusion.

3. The ancient Slavs of and the Slavic peoples derived from them, also known as “Slavs”, and Hellenes, both groups being Indo-European peoples with few loose traces of common I. E. cultural heritage are nevertheless two very separate peoples, with their own characteristics, including separate languages, culture and history including their formation as an ethnicity in different and distant areas, as well as in possession of distinct ethnological attributes, withstanding the certain degree of historical mutual influence on each other which did not altered them.

4. The South-Slavs of Eastern type, known en masse from 1944 to the World as “Macedonians” and which compromise the main people of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, are an artificial, primarily Communist creation initiated by the Comintern and by the dictator Josip Broz and his subservient apparatschiks. The existence of these Pseudomacedonians was first brought by their “recognition”, in spite of historical and ethnologic realities, by the acts of the
illegitimate AVNOJ organization. Many people, primarily conscious Bulgarians and also Serbs and others, suffered by the post-WW II regime in Yugoslavia because of their rejection of the forced “Macedonisation”.

The wrongful Yugoslav intrusion into the 1946-1949 Civil War in Greece is a crime, the motive of which was in accordance with the Pseudomacedonian ideology of expropriation of the real Macedonia.

5. The usurpation of Hellenic heritage and expansionist agenda by the many Pseudomacedonians, including segments of their state, where the fake doctrine of “Macedonism” is an official creed, is not only one of the main generator of crisis in the Balkans, but it is an self-injury of the Slavic Pseudomacedonians to their true, traditional heritages: Bulgarian and Serbian.

I, Vasil Gligorov, thereby, affirm that the victory of truth and reason over the forces of Bolshevik Pseudomacedonism will benefit Slavs of FYROM, Slavs in general, Greeks and all other parties involved in these unfortunate circumstances.

Изјавено во Скопје,
Изјављено у Скопљу,
Stated in Skopje,

Васил Глигоров

Contact Vasil @ vasil.gligorov@gmail.com

Retrieved by macedoniaontheweb.com


Anonymous said...

Mrtov si izdajniku.
Super sto ima sliki od tvojata familija zatoa sto i tie ke odat kurban...

Sloboda za makedonija smrt za predavnicite


Anonymous said...

Deckovo (Vasil) e kriminalec, samo uste e na sloboda.
Inaku so ovaa izjava i so progrckite sajtovi sto proizlegle od istava izjava toj siri verska rasna i nacionalna omraza.
Sekoj Makedonec sto ja procital e dlaboko zgrozen i navreden.
Jas se cudam od kade izlegol problemov na deckovo. Ocigledno deka ima nekoj licen problem sto go prefrlil na nacionalen teren.
Inaku ako se osekja Grk ili Srbin toa si e negovo pravo, ama zosto ne navreduva nas Makedoncite. Jas duri i od denes da se cuvstvuvam Makedonec toa e moe licno pravo isto kako sto moze da se cuvstvuvam Amerikanec, Rusin ili nedaj boze Grk. Znaci identitetot se prisvojuva (kako sto Vasil prisvoil tugj identitet) ili covek so nego se ragja kako 99.9999 %Makedonci.
Zatoa (Vasil) ti si krimminalec a jas nemozam da ne ti go kazam toa vo oci.
Ke se potrudam ovaa izjava da dojde do MVR bidejki celta ti e da izigravas macenik kako Zoran Vraniskovski.
Ti ne samo sto ne si storil nisto dobro za narodot od koj si izlegol tuku na site im pravis steta. Najveke na tvoeto semejstvo.
Razmmisli dobro procitaj ako treba sto pati i daj si nova izjava kaj Mersim Polozani so koja ke ja otpovikas ovaa navredliva izjava.
Togas moze i da ti se prosti.

Anonymous said...

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